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Shopping has Changed Forever – Who will be Tomorrow’s Winners?

Singapore 18 May 2021 – Magenta Global will be hosting the 3rd Emerging Asia E-Commerce & Last Mile Logistics Virtual Summit on July 27-28. Since 2020, the world has seen a boom in e-commerce, increasing customer engagements and a surge in innovations in the e-commerce space. Multi-channel distribution and marketplaces are the new retailing models. It is forecasted that 50% of the world will shop online in 2021.

This Summit, bringing together the top minds in e-commerce, will present technical and tactical best practices for sellers, merchants, retailers and marketplaces as they pivot to build their market share, generate revenue, and optimize profitability in the most dynamic and fastest-growing part of the world – Asia!

Exclusive highlights include case studies on scaling-up in China and the power of Platforms, reimagining the customer digital journey, building brands of the future, building brand equity, the rise of video and shoppertainment, innovations in digital payment infrastructure, order fulfillment and fulfillment logistics, and many more.

Maggie Tan, CEO of the conference-organizing company, Magenta Global (Singapore), said: “The acceleration in e-commerce has given opportunities to many brands – both big and small – as well as marketplaces. Traditional brick and mortar businesses are all trying to go digital. Of critical importance is getting the fundamentals right. Category & Product Optimization, Customer Transaction Management, Customer Data Analytics, AI Automation, Fulfillment Strategy, etc are key factors in formulating the right e- commerce strategy.”

The partners to this Summit include the Thai E-Commerce Association, Retail in Asia, SupplyChainBrain, Nilson Report and SmartMoneyMatch.

Enquiries on the Virtual Summit and how to register can be addressed to organizers at jose@magenta-

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