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Viva Wallet Announces Partnership with Fraudio

Viva Wallet announces new partnership focused on tackling the elimination of payment fraud and money laundering.

Since its inception in 2000, Viva Wallet has become the first entirely cloud-based European neo-bank using Microsoft Azure and has since opened branches in 23 countries in Europe. Viva Wallet is known for its ability to provide businesses of all sizes with card acceptance services through innovative Smart Android terminals, their own POS app, and other advanced payment gateways. Viva Wallet’s vision has always been aimed at creating a truly unified and safe European payments system that allows customers to go global while remaining local. 

Today, Viva Wallet has announced its partnership with Fraudio, the Amsterdam-based next-generation payment fraud prevention & anti-money laundering AI-driven fintech. This strategic partnership provides Viva Wallet an edge in regards to how they deal with fraud currently and, more importantly, in the future. It guarantees that Viva Wallet’s customers both on the merchant acquiring and card issuing sides have access to a thoroughly secure payment infrastructure for all their operations.

Viva Wallet is empowered to divert its time and resources to its core business, while Fraudio takes over the fight against fraud & money laundering. Providing a flexible combination of automation and rich reporting, Fraudio enables Viva Wallet’s internal team with more agility in their decision-making process in regards to fraud & AML. The plan is to help prepare Viva Wallets’ operations for their estimated exponential growth in the coming years. 

Headquartered in The Netherlands, Fraudio has developed the next generation of Fraud detection & AML with its patented AI technology. AI Machine learning is ideally suited to fraud detection as it is accurate, fast, and highly efficient – additionally, it learns and evolves automatically. Fraudio’s one-of-a-kind centralized AI brain is trained on billions of transactions and continues to grow daily.  

“Fraudio’s team has been extremely helpful to our current growth by providing us the ability to focus our efforts in a much more accurate manner, we also see a lot in ourselves in Fraudio being pioneers in their market and truly developing disruptive technology,” said Viva Wallet’s co-founder Makis Antypas.

“Working closely with Viva Wallet has been enriching in many ways so far yet I want to highlight the sheer vision behind this company is so clear and you can see that with anyone you come in contact with from their teams. We are excited to have this opportunity to serve a company that beyond any doubt is, and will become much more, a predominant player in their space and any other space they set out to be in”. Added João Moura Fraudio’s founder and CEO.

About Fraudio

Fraudio’s mission is to connect payment service providers, merchant acquirers, issuers, and other players in the payments chain to a powerful centralized AI / smart brain that prevents, detects, and fights fraud in real-time, creating unrivalled value.

Please find more information about Fraudio here.

About Viva Wallet 

Viva Wallet provides acquiring and issuing services, when choosing the Viva Wallet module, you benefit from a localised IBAN Account with next-day settlement as standard, granting you quick access to your funds without needing a separate settlement account.

Along with a Viva Wallet Business Account, you receive a Viva Wallet Business Debit Mastercard with a local BIN, available as a physical or digital debit card, allowing you to pay using your mobile devices via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

One of Viva Wallet’s most unique benefits remains the ability to lower your acceptance fees to 0% when paying for your business expenses using the Viva Wallet Debit Mastercard. Having control over your acquiring costs ensures you receive the best possible pricing for card acceptance in conjunction with paying for your regular outgoings that inevitably need paying.

In addition to your account and perks, you can manage your payment channels through one centralized platform allowing you to synchronise your sales, refunds, bank transfers, and customer data all via your Account Dashboard.

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