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2024 Look Ahead: The Year of Collaboration, PX & Growth

Mpe conference interviewed industry experts to learn what’s next in the merchant payments ecosystem (mpe) in 2024. 

Experts predict that “Collaboration” is the new name of the game, and winners will be those who focus on payment experience (PX) and VAS-related payments. Let’s dive deep into what the experts said:

Ugne Buraciene, CEO, payable: “It’s evident that we are transitioning towards a collaborative marketplace ecosystem. In this evolving landscape, companies that excel are those capable of adapting and collaborating seamlessly with various parties, even those they may have previously viewed as competitors “.

Nakjo Shishkov, Principal Consultant Secure Digital Payments, Netcetera, commented:  “A notable shift in perspective is evident among stakeholders, emphasizing the necessity for a highly collaborative and consultative development approach.”

According to Andy McHale, Senior Director of Product and Market Strategy at Spreedly: 

“In 2024, key players in the merchant payments ecosystem will include Payment Service Providers (PSPs) like PayPal and Stripe, major banks, card networks such as Visa and Mastercard, and payment orchestration platforms like Spreedly. Additionally, e-commerce giants (Amazon, Shopify), fintech start-ups, and mobile wallet providers (Apple Pay, Google Pay) will play significant roles “.

Juan Pablo Boccardi, Head of Fintech and Payments Industry at Simetrik, commented: 

“Traditional players like Visa, Mastercard, and leading banks will remain influential, while tech innovators such as Apple, Google, and emerging fintech start-ups are poised to play pivotal roles. Collaborations and strategic partnerships between these entities will likely define the competitive landscape, with agile fintech players contributing to the diversification and democratization of payment services. “

Join the Mpe 2024 conference (Berlin, March 12-14) to learn more about key players, trends, and technologies shaping merchant payments.

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