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4 Steps To Designing the Best Interview Process

The demand for fintech talent is growing. To combat record-breaking global resignation statistics and the predicted doubling of fintech companies by 2030, we sat down with industry expert Amélie Berille (Talent Acquisition Manager at Swan) during our webinar ‘Keep Up: The Key to FinTech Talent Attraction and Retention’. Dive into the blog below, as she shares her insight regarding the best interview process for your new hire. 

1.Experience is key

When it comes to the best practices for interviewing, candidate experience is key. Hiring managers should focus on more efficiency, with fewer steps. Especially in 2022, measuring, scaling and improving your company’s Candidate experience will be a fixture on many recruitment trend lists. According to Starred, building a great foundation through a matching Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will be able to accurately measure and orchestrate your candidate’s journeys. Put a cherry on top with an integrated Candidate Experience solution and start collecting feedback. Looking for a first-hand example? Check out our case-study with Volt. 

2.Focus on structure

When it comes to structure, each interview should know what to assess, so the candidate doesn’t have to repeat themselves at each stage. Furthermore, it could also be beneficial to integrate steps like ‘meet the team’ or a ‘coffee with a future colleague’. The reason behind this is that people want to know the people they will work with. Moreover, it provides prospective candidates with a detailed, realistic overview of team projects, management styles and even a glimpse on company life. Lastly, by asking questions, employees can also see if you grasp your potential role and how you will interact with them in your future position. We’re happy to share more, click our latest blog post to learn more on creating a winning hiring structure. 

3.Make sure to communicate

Lastly, one of the most frustrating things for candidates is lack of communication from the company they are in talks with. Make sure to communicate clearly at every step of the interview process (candidates always appreciate a phone call, update or message). In order to outline this even further, provide applicants with a clear roadmap of the selection process. Let them know the overall interview timeline, team members they can expect to meet, criteria for background check, any required personality tests, etc. Processes such as these will allow candidates to feel more in control during the hiring process, and can result in fewer follow-up emails to you. Have a look at our candidate testimonials to read more about our hiring processes. 

4.Allow them to experience company culture

Lastly, having people focused on culture is most important. When a candidate gets to the offer stage, it’s important to start treating them like an employee. Having them engage in a fast process is what’s going to help companies win their candidates over. The best candidates will prioritize finding a work environment that allows them to reach their true potential. If the company culture doesn’t allow them to excel and accomplish their long-term goals, they will look elsewhere. Follow us on Instagram, to dive into our company culture. 

Eager to learn more?

If you found this blog post helpful, submit your vacancy, and meet with one of our expert consultants to design a custom interview process that will connect you with your perfect fit candidate.  

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