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How to Create a Winning Recruitment Process

Every industry leader in the tech industry knows about the current skills shortage and war for talent. In the UK, a recent report showed that around 63% of the leadership of smaller digital sector companies are finding it challenging to keep up with demand because they don’t have access to the talent they need. 

While everyone seems to be talking about the skills gap in the tech industries, there are only a handful of ways to mitigate this talent shortage. The main option isg to improve the recruitment and selection process to ensure you’re offering potential employees an opportunity they can’t resist. 

In this blog post, we will be outlining and defining how to create a winning recruitment process so you are not only able to hire the people you need, but hire the right talent in the current employment market. Follow these recruitment process steps and you’ll be a solid competitor in the war for talent. 

Prioritise Employer Branding

Every employer’s recruitment strategy should start with branding the company as an employer of choice. In previous eras, employer branding would mostly rely on word of mouth of current employees. However, in 2022, this is a digital endeavour, especially in tech industries. 

Your network likely spends a large portion of their time online and that is where you can reach them best. Potential talent should already have heard of your business through digital channels like social media, particularly LinkedIn. 

You need to position yourself as an employer of choice on social platforms. You shouldn’t be simply using social media to post job ads. Your pages and posts online should tell people not only what you do, but why and how you do it as well. Use these channels to share your successes, your lessons, and your company values. 

Nobody is going to trust a company that tells them they’re great to work for, your network needs to see it for themselves. Encourage your employees to share their honest experiences on social media and give them good reason for these experiences to be positive. Motivate your employees to spend time on LinkedIn talking about your company, their role, and what makes you better than the competition.  

Ensure that your culture shines through online, which means you need to have a solid culture to start off with. If you build up and nurture your company culture, it will shine through in how you and your employees interact online. 

If potential candidates already have a positive view of your business before you even post an open position, you’ll have more talent applying to work at your company with little-to-no  persuasion. 

five person standing while talking each other
Prioritise employer branding

Ensure the Interview Stage is Engaging 

Your interview process needs to be as smooth as possible and the candidate experience should always come first. If you want to hire the best talent on the market, they need to feel valued and engaged throughout all stages of the recruitment process, especially the interview phase. 

Communicate regularly with candidates, whether they’ve just completed their initial interview or they are about to partake in a competency based interview. They should know exactly what to expect in every circumstance. 

Skilled candidates are not begging for opportunities, so they need to feel they are being respected and their time is being used wisely. Don’t wait too long to contact them and don’t leave large periods of time between interviews and responding to them. 

Women Sitting on Table with Cups of Coffee and Laptop
Ensure the interview stage is engaging

The Onboarding Process is Crucial 

The recruitment selection process isn’t the only vital part of ensuring you have access to the best talent on the market. You also need to ensure that your onboarding process offers the best possible experience. 

Firstly, make sure your onboarding process represents your company culture and your processes. From the beginning, a new hire should feel valued, informed, and a part of the business. 

Create a set onboarding process that you use for all new employees so it’s a tried and tested method. However, you should also be able to tailor this process to each individual in certain ways. Don’t bombard new hires with information that isn’t related to their specific role. 

When it comes to recruiting, you need to attract, engage, and maintain a good relationship with the candidate from the beginning of the process to the end. 

People in a Business Meeting
The onboarding process is crucial

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