5 Benefits of Using Salesforce for FinTech Companies

Do you want to engage with your customers like Revolut, N26, PensionBee or GoCardless? These are only some of the FinTech clients of the CRM giant Salesforce. The platform is an all-in-one solution for businesses to grow and position themselves on a unique level in the competitive landscape. The comprehensive services it provides empower FinTech companies in engaging their customers more efficiently and effectively. Here are the 5 reasons why many FinTech leaders have decided to use Salesforce to leverage their CRM and growth: 

1. Personalized Customer Acquisition and Retention with Salesforce for FinTechs

Throughout every stage of the FinTech customer lifecycle, Salesforce lets companies provide their customers with highly personalized services. FinTech leaders can gain a deeper insight into how their clients engage with both their offerings and products which significantly enhance their comprehension. As they gain familiarity with their customer base, it becomes more seamless to create precisely tailored marketing initiatives.

2. Replacing Multiple Systems 

Salesforce is an all-in-one business solution for FinTechs which is a long-term investment that will replace multiple tools and subscriptions. To illustrate, the Salesforce platform provides business professionals with both marketing and sales capabilities. The platform integrates various features within a single framework, proving superior to adopting multiple solutions that merely escalate resource consumption. 

3. Intelligent Risk Management

Managing risk and ensuring compliance poses a significant challenge for FinTech firms. Salesforce’s array of analytic and data tools can be harnessed to mitigate the occurrence of loan defaults, as well as to streamline the processes of collections and debt recovery. To give a more clear picture, an example for intelligent risk management via Salesforce can be identity verifications and the utilization of data analytics to evaluate whether a customer is likely to make repayments or not. 

4. Better Compliance for FinTechs

Ensuring compliance holds significant importance within the FinTech sector. Salesforce CRM offers plenty of compliance capabilities to its users. It revolves around fostering client engagement, promoting transparent collaboration, and enhancing organizational oversight. Furthermore, it provides a service that tailors reports to align with the institution’s specific compliance criteria, resulting in notable time efficiencies.

5. Dynamic Reporting & Dashboard

The features of Salesforce are not restricted with the user company’s relationship with its clients. It enhances the internal communication and evaluation processes for the projects as well. The features found in the Salesforce Dashboard provide a visual representation of the business accomplishments of the organization. It allows for the identification of market trends, interpretation of figures, and tracking of events. This enables you to conveniently assess your team’s outcomes directly from the dashboard.

There’s no doubt that Salesforce simplifies everything you need. However, the tool itself is not easy to manage and requires expertise to make the most out of its services. Since it is a very unique and specific skill set, finding the right talent is not an easy job.

Therefore, PCN is here to help your FinTech find the top-tier Salesforce experts within the industry. Reach out to Chris Fowers or contact us now and let us leverage your company’s growth with Salesforce professionals.

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