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Back in the month of March, Hong Kong’s central bank HKMA started granting and rolling out virtual banking licenses in the city. As of last week, the city has 8 approved virtual banks, which was announced in three separate announcements thus far. The 8 banks are namely Ant SME, Insight Fintech, Infinium, Livi
Evelien Witlox, Global Director of Payments & Cards at ING shares her insights into the changes of the payments sector, ING’s preparation for PSD2 and many more. 10 years ago the banks were in charge of payments. Now the tide is shifting. How are you dealing with the changes
Last year, Lattice80 released its first Top 100 Women In Fintech, and this year, they are back with a refreshed list for you for the year 2019. This effort reflects their commitment to female empowerment and thus focus on identifying the top leaders in fintech globally.   Women continue to
Fintech challenger bank Revolut talks about their latest plan in transforming the corporate banking landscape. Ever since Revolut was founded back in July 2015, the company’s goal was always a simple one – to make banking 10x better, 10x faster and 10x cheaper. One of Europe’s fastest growing tech companies took
Innovations in domestic retail payments have advanced at a gravity-defying pace in recent years, driving previously unimaginable improvements for consumers. The idea that cross-border payments can be as seamless and convenient as domestic ones is becoming a reality. As payments systems continue to modernise, the customer experience will continue
We have an exclusive interview with Haresh Hemrajani, Regional General Manager at FSS Technologies to talk about the latest developments of his company. 1. Could you share with our readers a brief intro related to FSS and its payments processing service in India? What is the company’s background and
We provide an overview of payment service providers, acquirers, merchants, card issuers and payment methods.
Banks have long been on the cutting edge of technological advancements. From computers to the internet to mobile apps, few industries have benefited as much from new technology as the banking industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) is no different. With the rise of AI, banks have a new tool to
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