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Copenhagen, 20th of January 2021: Today, the payment service provider Svea and open banking platform Nordic API Gateway announces a new partnership that is set to boost the checkout game for a wide range of merchants in Finland through Nordic API Gateway.As the EU directive, PSD2, is set to
IXOPAY to provide full payment support for ONE Insurance ONE Insurance Ltd., an online insurance provider based out of Liechtenstein, has chosen the leading payment orchestration platform IXOPAY to provide an optimal payment experience to its customers.  IXOPAY’s architecture is designed to give merchants the best payment processing options
Blockchain Africa Conference 2021 organisers, Bitcoin Events, have announced that due to the global coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on travel and the uncertainty of the current environment, the 7th annual conference, will be hosted online this year.  The event comes as collective sentiment about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continues
For more in-depth insights, discussions and expert opinions on all things Fintech, check out the latest issue of PCN Magazine. Emerging Markets Open Banking, innovation and adversity When the EU’s 2007 Payment Services Directive (PSD) called for a single payment market with more innovation and security, it heralded the
Aion Bank, a new full-service digital bank, and Vodeno, a cloud-based banking-as-a-service platform, have partnered with cloud-native payments technology specialists Form3 to implement their next-generation payments platform and deliver real-time payment processing, clearing and settlement for Aion’s European members. Aion Bank offers an all-inclusive approach to banking, which gives
Zurich-based fintech startup Numbrs claims to work with the mission to aggregate and neutrally analyse all financial information to help their users live a healthier financial life. Now, the company announced that it closed a funding round in December 2020. Eyes to accelerate growth Numbrs announced the completion of its fundraising
A Berlin-based credit card fintech company, Moss, has reportedly raised €21M in its Series A round of funding led by early Facebook investor Peter Thiel’s US-based firm Valar Ventures. With this funding, the startup is now valued at €100M within just six months after its launch. The round also saw participation from
UK, 18th January 2021: Konsentus announced today that it has acquired Open Banking Europe S.A.S. from PRETA. Open Banking Europe S.A.S., a 100% owned subsidiary of Konsentus Limited, will remain a separate operating entity which will continue to be led by John Broxis. The software solutions of Open Banking Europe
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