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Payment Orchestration Embraces Conscious Spending  The industry leading payment orchestration platform, IXOPAY has partnered with Aplauz, the go-to payment method for conscious spending.  The strategic partnership will see IXOPAY and Aplauz provide clients with a payment solution that enables them to make every payment a conscious choice. It is
Munich, May 20th, 2021 – IDnow a German based leader in platform-as-a-service identity verification, today announced the implementation of NFC reading capability into IDnow AutoIdent. This will offer users an even smoother and quicker verification process. The new solution will support all identification documents globally that follow the ICAO 9303 standard
FinTech has a Midas touch and since the 2020 crisis, it has redefined the Gaming Industry. We have arrived in the era of FinTech driven Gaming Industry. Let us try to look at few numbers, in one estimation, 2020 the global gaming market had an approximate net value of 167.9
Traditional banks have long reigned over the financial services industry. When the 2008 financial crisis shook the economy this began to shift, and new restrictions were put in place to pave the way for disruptors in the finance industry and challenger banks to emerge. The new contenders — operating on tech-powered platforms
There has never been a better argument for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) than the devastating global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. As widespread infectious disease outbreaks are increasing in frequency and the number of people with chronic conditions continues to rise, we must find new ways to ensure that
Historically, there has been some hesitancy on the part of SaaS companies to fully adopt mobile applications as part of their offerings to customers. SaaS firms will often rightfully spend a great deal of time and resources developing a highly effective desktop version of their service, causing some to
Lili, a banking app designed for US freelancers and gig-economy workers, has raised $55 million in a Series B investment round led by Group 11.Offering features such as expense management, tax preparation, and no-fee accounts, Lili has doubled its account base in the past six months, claiming 200,000 users
We are now living in the thick of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0), and with it has come an explosion of financial technology (fintech) innovation. Characterized by the avalanche of data produced daily, IR 4.0 brings about the complete disruption of many industries and their business models. The banking industry
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