5 FinTech trends you can’t ignore in 2023

Fintech trends in 2023

2022 has been an exciting year for the FinTech industry, full of developments and marked by innovation. As technology improves overtime, so does FinTech. Thus, as time goes on, we can expect new trends to emerge in the industry. What are the most relevant trends of 2023? 1. Embedded Finance Embedded finance involves the use […]

Ponto for Representatives is a new solution by Ibanity (Isabel Group) that offers accountants, auditors and real estate agents the automation of bank statements in any software!

Ponto by Isabel Group

What is a representative? The term representative refers to an organization that is mandated by another one to handle their financial data stored in Ponto (Isabel Group). With Ponto’s mandate, the representative has legal and controlled access to the bank account data of the represented organization and can: -View the transactions and balances.-Refresh and process financial […]

Love it or leave it: 5 reasons why people keep and quit their jobs

Why people quit and keep their jobs?

Every person is different, right? Yes. Therefore everyone’s individual interests and needs are to be taken seriously. Luckily, years of research have highlighted the most important elements to keeping every employee motivated, engaged and happy at work and achieving this is genuine interest to employers and employees. Managers and employees should pay attention to these […]

Why is including salary range in job descriptions not always a good idea?

Times are changing, and so is the job market. For New Yorkers, job posts without salary range information are becoming a thing of the past. Beginning from November 2022, employers advertising jobs in New York City must include a good faith salary range for every job, promotion, and transfer opportunity advertised. The main purpose of […]

PCN’s Guide to Job Success – How to expand your network?

How to expand your network

Looking to expand your network? Here’s how! Building a professional network is no easy job, however, it is a necessary one if you want to thrive in your field or if you are planning on changing careers. 🔥 For this week’s video, our recruitment experts are sharing their useful insights on how to expand your […]

It’s not you, it’s the Great Resignation…

Job Opportunities in Europe for IT, Cybersecurity, Fintech, e-commerce

You might have said this cheesy break up line to your manager in the last two years, especially if you’re a senior professional who works for fast growing industries like IT, SaaS, fintech or cybersecurity. With the expanding job opportunities for tech people in financial services, the Great Resignation is still an ongoing trend, not […]

PCN x Digital Source Merge

Since its birth in 2015, Digital Source has been at the forefront of sourcing the very best Tech talent from Data Engineering to Software. Over the years our relationship with our sister brand PCN has been growing stronger and collaborations have been producing great results. Our network has increased dramatically and the two teams are […]

Which is the best option to thrive in your software engineer role: start-ups or big companies?

Software Engineer's Dilemma: Startup vs. Corporate Company

Job opportunities in Europe for software engineers and developers are endless. Start-ups, scale-ups or headquarters of corporate companies in European cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, London or Paris are seeking especially senior software and data engineers. These talents represent the best of both worlds for the agile and fast-growing tech industry by being capable of both […]