PCN x Netcetera Risk Series – Episode 2 – Entersekt

PCN x Netcetera Risk Series - Episode 2 - Entersekt

Watch part two of the Risk Series that we organize together with Netcetera. We had Vlado Galevski from Netcetera and Dewald Nolte from Entersekt on the call this time. Together, we delved into key payment trends we see coming up in the US and Latin America.    Watch to find out: • Why it is […]

How to build a sustainable hybrid workplace?

In the post-covid era, as businesses started to seek a midway between working from home and returning to the office, hybrid workplace models began to shape how the organizational culture at work will function in the future. Fortunately, combining the right softwares with well-adjusted organizational leadership makes implementing a sustainable hybrid workforce strategy easier than […]

4 Steps To Designing the Best Interview Process

The demand for fintech talent is growing. To combat record-breaking global resignation statistics and the predicted doubling of fintech companies by 2030, we sat down with industry expert Amélie Berille (Talent Acquisition Manager at Swan) during our webinar ‘Keep Up: The Key to FinTech Talent Attraction and Retention’. Dive into the blog below, as she […]

Hiring Trends To Expect in 2022

The past year was filled with numerous challenges for companies, from navigating a remote workforce to operating during a pandemic and evolving to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. Out of this, a new challenge emerged — hiring. Based on our webinar ‘Keep Up: The Key To FinTech Talent Attraction and Retention’, we gathered […]

The Impact of the Pandemic On Talent

Where will tomorrow’s best talent want to work? That’s the question fintech companies need to start asking today. The war for great people isn’t letting up anytime soon – in fact, as tech continues to advance and opportunities abound after two pandemic years, the need for the right talent is bigger than ever. We sat […]

5 Key Takeaways From Our Webinar

A few weeks ago, we hosted our first webinar of 2022 ‘Keep Up: The Key to FinTech Talent Attraction and Retention.’ Together with our expert panelists Clarice De Chavez (Head of Talent Acquisition at Solarisbank AG), Chris Bell (VP of talent at Moss) and Amélie Berille (Talent Acquisition Manager at Swan), we discussed first-hand insight […]

Latest Trends in FinTech: Career Opportunities in Digital-Only Banking

Fintech Trend Digital-Only Banks Challenger Banks

Digital-only banking, or challenger banks, is the hottest and easiest way to manage personal finance and is considered as a step-up from online banking. These banks provide banking facilities exclusively through digital platforms and offer more comprehensive services than most traditional banks’ online banking extensions. Leveraging real-time intelligence with personalized customer information like spending habit […]

Emerging Payments Awards Celebrates Leaders in UK Payments Industry on October 6 2021

Save 5% off your VIP ticket with code PCN5 The Emerging Payments Awards hosted by the Emerging Payments Association, celebrates innovation and collaboration by recognising companies that have made significant advances in how we pay today.  Now in its 14th year, the EP Awards is the most prestigious event of the year for the UK payments industry. […]