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Digital Source is rebranded!

Digital Source has been working on a new brand for 2020, today we’re happy to welcome you to check it out. We’re proud to say the last four years have been a pleasure, dealing with some great candidates, clients, and our staff too. The future looks bright with the new branding language and tone of voice for the brand

Rebranding video showing the development.

We completely outgrew our branding and we needed a refresh. A chance for us to showcase more of a bold, fresh, and approachable personality. Inspired by ‘Manchester Baby’, the first electronically stored computer introduced and made in Manchester 1948.

Digital Source icon reference.

Creating the logo had it’s challenges with the slabs being a main point of focus, creating a visual alignment with the letters took some altering and tinkering. The result is a balanced logo with a unique icon.

The new logo has been inspired by this control module in the Manchester Baby, the worlds first digital computer. This computer can still be seen at the science museum in Manchester.

Fine detailing the logo for screen usage
Icon research.
Icon with the
multicolour effect
The Manchester was made the same year Manchester United won the FA Cup.
Digital Source branding on the street.
Digital Source letterheads.
Business cards.

Data_Cult has also seen a slight refresh, the new logo has been hand cut using the classic Helvetica typeface with some alterations to allow it to be moulded into new shapes. This is to highlight the range of event speakers and topics that are covered during the events.

Digital Source tech event Data_Cult

The new branding for Data_Cult makes advantage of the element of encryption, making the brand flexible to appear as quick as it disappears. Data and encryption is the main tool in expression creatively with the new brand and it will be seen in the event signage upcoming.

We’re proud to share the new branding with you and hope you enjoy all the deliverables that we will be sharing over the next few weeks.

– Digital Source Team x

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