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PCN joins PSR Group and the European #1 Merchants Payments Event returns to Berlin

PCN Pulse is back with the hottest industry news of the week! πŸ”₯

We’re happy to announce the strategic investment with PSR Group!

The #ThirdParty and #VendorRisk Management for Financial Institutions conference from marcusevans Group is taking place in London, UK on 2 – 3 February, 2023.

The GFMI 6th Edition #AML and #FinancialCrime conference from marcusevans Group is taking place in New York, NY on February 9 – 10, 2023.

The β€œMerchants Payments Ecosystem” MPE2023 conference, the European #1 Merchants Payments Event, is taking place in Berlin, DE on March 28-30, 2023.

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