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Predictions on the future of recruiting in 2023

The Future of Recruiting 2023
LinkedIn Talent Insights

1. Recruiting will drive business-critical changes.

Recruiters are becoming change-makers and  their influence will be felt across the C-suite— from talking
comp with the CFO, to fine-tuning your employer brand with the CMO, to addressing skill gaps with the CLO.

2. Employers will hire more contract workers as a hedge against uncertainty.

Businesses need to be more nimble and responsive to sudden shifts in the market due to rising uncertainty. Employers are expected to rely more on freelancers whose labor can be scaled up and down on demand.

3. Gen Z will reward employers who value development and diversity.

Gen Z — professionals born later than 1996 — are already
a major part of the workforce. This younger generation prioritizes career advancement,  gaining new skills and having an inclusive work environment.

4. Skills-first hiring will become the gold standard.

In the past 3 years, the number of recruiters who use skills filter on their LinkedIn search has grown by 25%. Day by day, employers are starting to value a candidate’s skills over superficial signals like an impressive university degree or previous employer.

5. Upskilling will be a key tool for retaining a diverse workforce.

Increasing professional development and advancement opportunities for employees are becoming a must-have for the majority of professionals. As a result, investing in learning and development practices has gained importance recently as well.

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