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5 Key Takeaways From Our Webinar

A few weeks ago, we hosted our first webinar of 2022 ‘Keep Up: The Key to FinTech Talent Attraction and Retention.’ Together with our expert panelists Clarice De Chavez (Head of Talent Acquisition at Solarisbank AG), Chris Bell (VP of talent at Moss) and Amélie Berille (Talent Acquisition Manager at Swan), we discussed first-hand insight and cutting-edge findings when it comes to hiring and retention in some of Europe’s biggest Fintechs. Jump into the blog below, to explore our biggest takeaways from the webinar.

1.Hybrid-work environments are the future 

A hybrid team is a flexible work structure combining both remote work and working on-site. 

Post-pandemic, hybrid models are quickly increasing in popularity (it is the preferred working model for 63% of high-revenue growth companies). Ensure that your employees feel engaged in what they are doing and have a sense of belonging. Find out more about how employees perceive the pros and cons of remote working.

2.We have entered a global marketplace | We’re all in a global marketplace 

With the widespread adoption of digitization, companies now have the ability to hire from anywhere in the world.

When it comes to geographical locations, the lines are increasingly blurred. Companies are redefining what types of experts they want on board and building a hiring process around that. We provide  headhunting and hiring services globally. Browse our locations. 

3.Flexible hiring processes 

Flexible hiring refers to employees who are hired with either a fixed-term contract or a flexible number of weekly working hours.

The companies that stand out, will be the ones who drive culture by demonstrating flexibility. For more, listen to our podcast.

4.Internal development goes a long way 

Internal development refers to the growth that happens when an organization uses its own resources to grow the company.

Upskilling, training and development will attract your team to stay. People want to know that they can grow in a company and take responsibility. Find out more.

5.Retain talent through company culture 

Company culture is the shared values, characteristics and attributes of an organization. 

If you don’t focus on retention and the way your leadership communicates, people will leave to find a better culture. Company culture will be a key factor when it comes to retaining talent. Read ahead about how we launched a 4 day working week during a global pandemic that boosted our employee retention! 

Found this blog post insightful? Contact us or drop us your vacancy directly. We’re happy to speak with you about our custom headhunting and hiring services.

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