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Dutch startup Founda Health books $15 million to bring ‘fintech platform’ model to healthcare

Founda Health, an Amsterdam startup that says it’s bringing fintech-style ‘platformization’ to healthcare, has raised a $15 million seed funding round from an undisclosed group of healthcare and fintech entrepreneurs.

Founda cites how fintech has made payments intuitive for the consumer: multiple finance players integrate and collaborate in the background to process a secure credit card transaction. That’s what the company wants to bring to healthcare.

Over the last two years the company has built a platform that connects hospitals with modern healthtech apps. Users (e.g. doctors) can select their preferred apps, easily test them and implement their favourites into their workflows. Founda says the service will always be free for healthcare providers and that they can request an unlimited amount of connectivity.

The benefit for the apps is faster scaling and new markets, since Founda will connect them with international Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. For the EHR partners, the Dutch startup takes care of all required localisation per market. 

Founder and CEO Jan Joost Kalff has a history of executive and entrepreneurial roles in fintech, having founded payments service Dimebox which was acquired by Verifone in 2018. He’s brought that experience to the table here.

“We can safely say we know what it takes to take care of highly sensitive data and have seen first-hand the positive impact it can have on an industry and the end user when platforms are introduced,” Kalff said. Eventually, he adds, the service will benefit patients and improve patient outcomes.


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