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Forter Partners with Flutterwave to Drive eCommerce Growth Across Africa and Beyond

This new partnership connects more than 290,000 businesses with Forter’s global network to approve  more legitimate online transactions and block fraud instantaneously 

New York, NY – April 15th, 2021 – Forter, the leader in e-commerce fraud prevention, has announced a  partnership with Flutterwave, Africa’s leading payments technology company. The partnership, the first  of its kind in Africa, will enable merchants to accurately identify legitimate buyers from fraudsters,  resulting in increased transaction approvals and reduced friction in the purchasing experience, all  without the fear of fraud. 

Servicing more than 290,000 businesses and processing over 140 million transactions worth over $USD 9  billion worldwide since inception, Flutterwave is Africa’s largest payment service provider. The  partnership with Forter provides merchants with the confidence to accept more transactions and online  shoppers with the flexibility to use alternative payment methods as well as traditional options like credit  cards. The ability to attract, convert and retain new users is key as Forter’s research shows that today’s  volume of new online users has increased by more than double since the start of COVID-19. However,  new users are five to seven times more likely to be declined due to lack of data on these new users with  legacy fraud prevention systems. This jeopardizes repeat business opportunities that are essential for  retailers. 

“We are excited about this partnership and our entry into the African market. Flutterwave now has  access to Forter’s coalition of merchants, payment providers and banks fighting fraud on a global scale,  utilizing our AI and ML technology to help foster e-commerce growth in a market with huge potential,”  said Michael Reitblat, CEO of Forter. “At the same time, partnering with a market leader like Flutterwave  allows us to provide its customers with the optimal user experience and with a trusted environment that  enables them to safely grow with confidence.” 

Commenting on the announcement, Olugbenga ‘GB’ Agboola, Founder and CEO of Flutterwave, said: “At  Flutterwave, we take security seriously. Every transaction made on our platform is secured and even  exceeds industry standards. By working with Forter we are able to achieve our vision of creating friction  free commerce in Africa. Our merchant network can focus on key business operational tasks and growth  opportunities safe in the knowledge that our customers are protected against fraud. With Forter’s ability  to instantly identify legitimate customers, we can further strengthen our commitment to fraud  detection and security. This enables our customers to increase the volume of approved transactions,  expand their business operations to reach new markets and build brand loyalty by providing an optimal,  seamless and trustworthy consumer experience.” 

About Forter 

Forter is the leader in e-commerce fraud prevention, processing over $200 billion in online commerce  transactions and protecting close to a billion consumers globally from credit card fraud, account  takeover, identity theft, and more. The company’s identity-based fraud prevention solution detects  fraudulent activity in real-time, throughout all online consumer experiences.  

Forter’s integrated fraud prevention platform is powered by its rapidly growing Global Merchant  Network, underpinned by predictive fraud research and modelling, and the ability for customers to tailor  the platform for their specific needs. As a result, Forter is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, including  Sephora, Nordstrom, Instacart, and Priceline to deliver exceptional accuracy, a smoother user  experience, and elevated sales at a much lower cost. Forter was recently named the Leader in e Commerce Fraud Prevention by Frost & Sullivan.  

Forter is backed by over $200M of capital from top-tier VCs including Sequoia, Bessemer, Scale, and  Salesforce.  

About Flutterwave 

Flutterwave is a payments technology company that helps businesses all over the world expand their  operations in Africa and other emerging markets, through a platform that enables cross-border  transactions via one API. Flutterwave has processed over 140M transactions worth over USD $9B to date  and serves more than 290,000 businesses including customers like Uber, Flywire,, etc. The  company’s key advantage is international payment processing in 150 currencies and multiple payment  modes including local and international cards, mobile wallets, bank transfers, Barter by Flutterwave etc.  Flutterwave has an infrastructure reach in over 33 African countries, including Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya,  and South Africa. For more information on Flutterwave’s journey, please visit

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