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1st November 2019 – The payments industry is undergoing heavy consolidation and internationalisation. Nets is actively taking part in this development with the ambition of building a leading European payments player. Recently, several newly acquired companies have been integrated into the group, and Nets has decided to focus on and
“Fintech in Atlanta” is an interview series to showcase the fintech scene in the region. Our next interviewee is Andrew B. Morris, Founder & CEO at The Fintech Agenda. Dubbed as the “Transaction Alley”, Atlanta’s thriving fintech industry continues to seek for a demand of talents in the fintech
ING innovation solves privacy-security trade-offs in blockchain transactions ING’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) team introduced its zero knowledge proof notary service, a blockchain breakthrough that improves the privacy and security of transactions on Corda, an open source blockchain platform. The service evaluates the validity of a transaction without revealing
Vienna/Berlin, 22 October 2019 – Delivery Hero SE, one of the leading global online food ordering and delivery marketplaces, picks IXOPAY to implement a solution for the rider cash collection. The fast implementation times for new integrations as well as IXOPAY’s comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and post-processing features convinced Delivery
MANSA BANK, an all-new bank in Côte d’Ivoire, has decided to implement Sopra Banking Amplitude in order to meet its ambitious development goals. El-Hassana KABA, CEO at MANSA BANK, explained “We have chosen a leading international software house with over 40 years’ experience to guide us through our strategic development.” Choosing
In this piece, Pat Bermingham – CEO of digital payments specialist Adflex, explains the benefits of using virtual cards for corporate payments and asks: when the tech is this cool, what’s holding the market back?
The fintech sector presents numerous opportunities and a huge growing potential. How can someone with a traditional banking background maximize one’s success in the fintech industry? Digital disruption has been revolutionizing the banking industry and increasingly shaking up corporate banks. According to Boston Consulting Group, over 80% of corporate bankers
Cryptocurrency has shaken the entire financial world, transactions, and even data storage and transfer systems. Ever since Bitcoin appeared, the world’s first cryptocurrency, people have been finding all kinds of uses for cryptos’ underlying technology called blockchain. To understand the key stats, features, and mechanics of the technology, it is
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