Why are more companies hiring freelancers in 2024?

Why are more companies hiring freelancers in 2024? According to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK), the number of freelancers in the Netherlands has increased by 85% over the past decade, indicating a major trend towards freelance hiring by companies. Today, the Netherlands is home to 1.6 million freelancers! This increase in freelance workers is […]

Celebrating the first anniversary of our Traineeship Program

July-Anniversaries (Kevin, Yan and Tafara)

This week was a special one at our Amsterdam office, as while our first grads were celebrating their one-year anniversary, our Head of People & Operations, and the driving force behind the program, Yan, was marking two fantastic years at the company! To mark the occasion, we chatted with the traineeship program graduates about their […]

PCN’s Guide to Job Success – Landing a Job as a Fresh Grad

Landing a job as a fresh grad

Class of 2022, congratulations, you made it! 🎓 We know that this is a time when most of you start making your first steps in your professional career and begin your job hunt. That’s why, in this video, our recruitment experts are sharing their top tips to help you land your first job! 💼 If you’re […]

PCN’s Guide to Job Success – Salary Negotiation

PCN's Guide to Job Success

We all know that salary negation can be a challenging process for candidates, especially, for popular industries like Fintech, Saas, Cybersecurity, or E-commerce where there is a high demand for senior or executive positions but a shortage of experienced candidates. However, if you’re going through an interview process you should be able to know your […]

4 Steps To Designing the Best Interview Process

The demand for fintech talent is growing. To combat record-breaking global resignation statistics and the predicted doubling of fintech companies by 2030, we sat down with industry expert Amélie Berille (Talent Acquisition Manager at Swan) during our webinar ‘Keep Up: The Key to FinTech Talent Attraction and Retention’. Dive into the blog below, as she […]

Hiring Trends To Expect in 2022

The past year was filled with numerous challenges for companies, from navigating a remote workforce to operating during a pandemic and evolving to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. Out of this, a new challenge emerged — hiring. Based on our webinar ‘Keep Up: The Key To FinTech Talent Attraction and Retention’, we gathered […]

The Impact of the Pandemic On Talent

Where will tomorrow’s best talent want to work? That’s the question fintech companies need to start asking today. The war for great people isn’t letting up anytime soon – in fact, as tech continues to advance and opportunities abound after two pandemic years, the need for the right talent is bigger than ever. We sat […]

Recruiting From Within: The Importance of Training for Future FinTech Opportunities

Whether it’s due to a lack of talent on the market or the need to keep your team small, internal training and development is the key to long-term success.  If you want to grow your team internally and increase staff retention rates, you should focus on offering learning and development opportunities for employees. Time and […]

Managing a Decentralised Workforce in Fintech

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the world into isolation in 2020, which quickly popularised remote working. As we look towards 2022, we can identify how this has permanently altered the way we do business.  Currently, 16% of all businesses throughout the world are completely remote. In the past five years, remote work has increased by 44%. […]